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I want to tell my friends that I am Fundraising for a cause, what should I write in my email?

Send this email (below) today to ramp up your fundraising and reach your target.

Simply 'copy ' and 'paste ' the email below and edit it in your own style. Change the items in red to suit your fundraising story. You'll be stepping up your terrific support for your charity and making an even bigger impact on the day.

  •       First, copy and paste the text below into a new email.
  •       Edit it to give it your own personal touch.
  •       Finally, send it to everyone you know.     


Subject: [Insert Event Name] is my Challenge and I need Your Help


Hi guys 

You may be surprised/happy/astonished to hear that I am participating in the [Insert Event Name].
You might think I’m crazy/deluded/delirious – but I’m up for the challenge. It’s going to be tough and that’s why I really need your help.

Your donation can give me the boost I need to reach my fundraising target for [Insert Charity Name], a cause that is close to my heart and an organisation that is doing some very important work in our community.

I have set a target of $ [Insert Your Target Amount] and I need your help to reach it. Your donation will get me over the finish line and help [Insert Charity Name] with their important work. That’s a win all round!

Simply click the link below to view my fundraising page and make a donation: 
[Insert your fundraising page URL]

You will automatically receive a receipt and you can write a personal message on my page.

Thanks for your support!

[Insert your name]

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