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3 simple tips to successful fundraising

1. Personalise

Make your fundraising page as personalised as possible! Change the font, include pictures, even include a video! Show your donors why you care and how their support will make a difference. 


2. Dare

Dare yourself! Make a promise to your donors: if you reach a certain target, you'll... Shave your head, bake them all cookies, run that extra half of the marathon, or anything else you can think of! It's a great way to incentivise donors and keep those funds coming once you've hit your target.


3. Social Media

It's not real unless it's on facebook! Make an initial status when you first create your page, and update all your friends and family on your progress. Have a count down, put up pictures, and remind everyone that they can help make a difference. Also - don't forget about instagram! Gramming your progress and using #hashtags are a great way of connecting with like minded people, and getting some inspiration and motivation along the way.

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