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How do I create a fundraising page?

Start fundraising for the charity or cause of your choice in just a few clicks on the GoFundraise platform. All you need is an active email address, internet access, and either a mobile phone, PC, or Laptop. To create a Team or Join a Team, after creating your page, simply Edit Settings of the page and change the Page Type.

Here’s how to create a fundraising page:

  1. Visit www.gofundraise.com.au or www.gofundraise.co.nz and click ‘FUNDRAISE
  2. Select or search for a Charity or Cause from the list available

    If your chosen charity is not available, they can Register to GoFundraise for free by completing the Charity Online Registration form. Or suggest a charity and we will try to get in contact with them on your behalf.
  3. Select or search for an Event or Occasion that best suits your fundraising efforts. We have several general occasions, followed by signature events held by charities e.g. Melanoma March, and third party open charity events e.g. Melbourne Marathon

    Can't find your event or charity? No worries. Use the GoFundraise Event Search to locate the event website and go from there.

  4. Login with either your Facebook account, an existing GoFundraise account, OR simply click Register to create one
  5. Click ‘Create’ and you will now be redirected to your brand-new Fundraising Page and prompted to update your page details. This includes changing Page Type (e.g. Team Page, Team Member), Page Title, Profile Image, Fundraising Story and more.



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