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How do I Setup and Manage a Regular Giving Donation?

Give regularly in support of your chosen charity or cause by setting up a Regular Giving Donation. At the time of making a donation, there is the option to schedule a regular donation for an amount and frequency of your choosing. You can also Manage your regular giving payment easily through your GoFundraise account.

Setting up a Regular Giving donation

On the donation screen, under the Payment Options section, click to switch from 'One-Off' donation to 'Regular Giving'.

This will then open up the settings for your scheduled payment. Select a frequency, enter the amount you would like to donate regularly, and select a start date.

Once you proceed with the payment of your original donation, the regular giving donation will be setup in time for the start date you have entered. You will receive email notification of this setup as well as emails once amounts are deducted.


- If a regular giving donation has been created in support of a fundraising page, once the page expires the donations will go directly to the charity and will no longer appear on the original Fundraising Page.

- To place a specific donation onto a Fundraising page, feel free to contact support directly to have that donation display on the page.


To Edit, Suspend, Resume, or Cancel an Existing Regular Giving payment

Once a regular donation has been made, you can update the details within your GoFundraise My account -> My Donations and Purchases -> My Regular Giving, or directly via the link below

Cancellations may take up to 7 working days to take effect.
Any payment that occurs before this time cannot be cancelled and will not be refunded by GoFundraise. Users will be notified via email that your payment has been cancelled.
It is the Users responsibility to ensure that cancellations have been made, if you do not receive a confirmation within 7 days please call 1300 889 272 or + 61 29326 9877 immediately.


Automated Emails and Receipts related to regular giving payments

To ensure that GoFundraise remains as transparent as possible surrounding the setup of Regular Giving payments, there are several emails that get sent to donors at different stages of the setup.

For a list of automated emails sent from the GoFundraise system at different stages of a regular giving setup, please visit link:


All receipts will be generated and emailed to you on the day your regular payment is made and are available for download under the Users My Donation and Purchases area.

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