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Internet Browsers: How to clear your cache

In our recent maintenance update some users experienced an issue with the Internet browser where some files were not visible in their GoFundraise Admin area. This can usually be resolved by simply closing and reopening your browser, or even restarting your computer.

But the best thing to do (regularly) is to clear your Internet cache. We though we would show you how to do that here using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

There are short cuts available for the following steps for those who are familiar with their preferred browser.


Video Tutorial - See how to clear your cache in under a minute!

Step-by-Step Instructions and Screenshots

Chrome Browser
  • At the top (left) of your window select 'Clear Browsing Data' from the Chrome drop down menu
  • Tick the 'Empty the cache' option in the pop up window
  • Click on 'Clear Browsing Data'


FireFox Browser
  • Select 'Clear Recent History' from the Tools drop down menu
  • Tick the 'Cache' option in the pop up window (unstick others if preferred)
  • Click on 'Clear Now'


Safari Browser
  • Select 'Empty Cache' from the Develop drop down menu
  • If Develop is not showing select 'Preferences' from the Safari drop down
  • Make sure 'Show Develop Menu' is ticked in the 'Advanced' section tab


Internet Explorer 9
  • Select 'Developer Tools' from settings icon
  • Select 'Clear browser cache' then 'Yes'
  • Short cut key is 'Ctrl + R'


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