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I can't find my Fundraising Activation email. How do I access my fundraising page?

If you can't find the original Fundraising Activation Email you received with your Fundraising Page link, you can locate your page through the:


How to find your page from the GoFundraise Home Page

  1. Visit the GoFundraise Home page for your region (Australia / New Zealand / United States
  2. In the Main Menu, go to Fundraise > Find a Friend or Team
  3. Enter your name where it says 'Enter a friend or a team' and search for your page
  4. Click your page thumbnail


How to find your page from the Event's home page

  1. Visit the event's home page or use a search engine (e.g. Google) to find it
  2. Look for buttons/links/menu items which refer to a possible list of fundraisers/supporters e.g. Find a Fundraiser, Support a Friend, Meet the challengers etc
  3. Search for your name and locate your page


If all else fails, login to your GoFundraise account using the email address you signed up with. Then go to My Account > My Fundraising to view a list of all the fundraising pages you have on the platform.

If you are still unable to locate your page, contact our Customer Care team with your email address, name, the charity you're supporting, and the event under which you created the page.




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