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How do I claim the rebate for Firies Climb MND 2019?


  1. Visit the 'Claim Rebate' link you received via email
  2. Login to your GoFundraise account as prompted
  3. Select your rebate category
  4. Any eligible fundraising pages will appear available for selection. Select the page from the list.
  5. Choose either 
    (A)"I would like to leave the rebate with my charity" or 
    (B) "I would like to claim my rebate"
  6. If you choose (A) "I would like to leave the rebate with my charity", your rebate will be remitted back to the charity
  7. If you choose (B) "I would like to claim the rebate", on the next page you will then be prompted to enter your bank account details (rebates can only be remitted to an Australian Bank Account).



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