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How to turn on the feature to capture Partial Save data on a GoFundraise form (BETA)


There are a few options that need to be checked for the Partial Save data to be captured:

  1. In 'Form Settings' field and check the option for 'Enable partial saving of forms'

  2. Ensure that the Email field is on the FIRST page of the form. Data will only save if an email address is captured
  3. Ensure that this Email field has the setting 'Create Account' tickedmceclip1.png


Please note, this is a feature that is currently in Beta so we are aware that the feature could do with some improvements.

If you wish to test/review what the data appears like for partial registrations, after setting up your form with the above settings, put through a few test partial entries and then contact support@gofundraise.com to request the partial save data.

Include the link to the form and event.





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