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Suggested Workarounds for Known Issues with Event Creator Vision 1.0

These issues are for Vision 1.0 sites only.

Like all online platforms, GoFundraise has its quirks. Here are some of the common ones you might come across with Event Creator Vision and suggested workarounds.


Setting up the Event

Error comes up when adding a Location

Functionality around the 'location' setting in an event is not yet available. Please select 'My Event doesn't have a location' to proceed past this stage.


'Event Creation' failed message appears after clicking 'Confirm'

If you see the error "Event Creation Failed" at the confirmation stage, this happens if your Event Name is over 50 characters long (including spaces). Go back to Step 2 'Event Details', shorten the length of your event name and continue.



I click the 'Create Event' button from my Dashboard and it loads a blank pagemceclip1.png

There is currently an issue with the 'Create Event' button from top of the Dashboard. Please click the 'Create Campaign' button instead to start the Event Creator Vision Wizard.

This will load the 'Choose Your Event Type' stage as expected


Fundraising and Donations section

I've uploaded a default Fundraising Profile Image but it shows 'broken image' icon

The image itself has uploaded successfully and will be picked up correctly on the live site. It is just the thumbnail in this section which will not display. 



Event Banner Widget

Updating the Event Banner when your event has more than one content page

If your event site has more than one content page, you need to change the Event Banner on all the pages, not just the home page. Otherwise saving a page with the old banner will overwrite the Event Banner across the site.


Button Widget

Issues with External Links starting with http://

If you have applied an external link to a button widget with the URL starting with http://, you'll notice that when the page is re-saved, the link breaks on the live site. This issue only happens with links starting with http:// on Button Widget. Links starting with https:// are unaffected, as are all external links when applied to Menu Items, Text or Image widgets.


Mobile Site

Text on the mobile version of the site no longer seems mobile responsive i.e. text overlaps images, doesn't wrap on the screen.

This only happens to Text Widgets that you have moved within the Editor. Quick easy fix to fix is to expand/contract the widget, then save the page (like stretching a rubber band). When you next view the site on a mobile, the text should no longer overlap the images.



Fundometer Widget

I’ve uploaded a new Fundometer Image to an existing widget but the error “Sorry, but we require more information” appears.

After uploading a new image, clicking Use Original/Crop Image and then clicking done, you might see this error come up.

Wait about 20-30 seconds until the ‘Crop Image’ and ‘Use Original’ buttons disappear. Then click the ‘Done’ button. This will successfully upload the image.


I’m trying to add a NEW Fundometer Widget but keep getting an error asking for more information.

To add a new Fundometer Widget (not when updating and existing one), you need to add an Event Target (in Event Details and Settings), add the Fundometer, and then remove the Event Target (if no longer needed).


Go to ‘Event Details and Settings > Event Target’ first and add an Event Target (you can remove this later)

Then go to the Edit Content and make your changes to the Fundometer.

Once done, go back into Event Details and Settings > Event Target and then remove the target setting.


Event Styling

I've uploaded a background image but it doesn't flow through to Fundraising Page or Donation Page

You might have noticed that the Background Image/settings that you have selected only show on the Event Content Pages. It does not show on system pages like Fundraising Pages or Donation Page. Email support@gofundraise.com.au your event link to have this issue fixed.









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