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How to get reports from GoFundraise for School Fundraising (Australian Fundraising)

As part of the partnership between GoFundraise and Australian Fundraising, your school has access to a number of tools through GoFundraise. You only need to access GoFundraise to get a record of online donations (credit card or PayPal). Your school admin login through Australian Fundraising will have additional reporting/data for the campaign overall.


Accessing the GoFundraise Admin area

For how to login and what you should see in this admin area, see this guide on

Navigating the GoFundraise Charity Admin area


Real-time Reporting

There are two main types of reports available:

  • Fundraiser report (list of all Active fundraising pages and how much each has raised)
  • Transaction Donor report (list of all donations that have come through the platform)

Here are some handy guides on how to generate reports,

What is a Fundraiser Report and how do I generate one?

What is a Transaction/Donor report and how do I generate one?


Note: When exporting reports, select your school from the Beneficiary drop down, but select 'ALL' for the Event Campaign drop down.


Fortnightly Charity Payment Files (Invoices and Payments)

These are the files related to the fortnightly amounts that GoFundraise deposit into the school bank account.

For more information on Charity Payment files see,

Accessing Invoices and Payments / Financial reports

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