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How do I email my Supporters/Donors?

You can easily email selected (or all) people who have made a donation to your page through the Email Sponsors feature available for each fundraising page created.

  1. Login to your GoFundraise User account
  2. Go to My Account -> My Fundraising (or click to login directly here)
  3. Locate the relevant fundraising page, and click the Email Sponsors link.
  4. Compose your email through the editor, select the Supporters who you would like to receive this email, and click Send.

Please Note: There are a few known issues with the Email Sponsors feature at the moment. As the page owner, you will receive 2 copies of each email sent. Each chosen recipient will receive 2 copies of the same email. Should you not wish to use the Email Sponsors feature, please request a list of your Supporters from our Customer Care team

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