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I've connected my Fitbit account but my data is not showing up.

There could be a number of reasons why your data has not synced up to GoFundraise correctly.

1. Subscription Failure for Fitbit account

Occasionally your Fitbit account will fail to Sync up to GoFundraise. To check if this is the case, re-visit your App Connect tab, and see if there has been a Subscription Failure.

If so, click Re-Subscribe to Fitbit Activities and your account will once again be synced correctly


2. Data logged under an undefined Activity Type

In Fitbit, when you log data, you can choose from pre-defined Activity Types (Common Activity types), or general activity types (Activity Record ). GoFundraise will ONLY sync data logged under a pre-defined activity type. General Activity Records will not sync up. So when you log your activity, be sure to choose one of the pre-defined activity types before logging. If your activity type is not under Common Activities, define an activity type by clicking Create Custom Activity.


3. Sync requires more time

Generally if your page has been synced correctly, you should start to see information appearing on your fundraising page within the hour, however it may take up to 24 hours from when an activity is logged to appear on your Fundraising page. This is because GoFundraise will sync with Fitbit data once every 24 hours. If you have allowed for 24 hours after logging a new activity since creating the page, and you still do not see any activity on your page, please contact GoFundraise Customer care with your user account and the page you are syncing to. A screenshot of your log activity on Fitbit will also help.


4. Correct permissions have not been given

When you first connect your Fitbit account, Fitbit will ask if you agree to provide certain permissions. For the Fitbit integration to work correctly, at minimum the 'activity and exercise' permission needs to be ticked. More on Fitbit permissions can be found here https://support.gofundraise.com/hc/en-us/articles/221794648-What-do-the-Fitbit-permissions-mean-

If you are unsure whether you had agreed to these permissions at the time of connecting, disconnect your account and re-connect.


5. Fundraising page has not been set to Display Fitness Data

After you have connected your Fitbit account through App Connect, ensure that your Fundraising Page is setup to display fitness data. For more information see how to show your Fitness data on your fundraising page.


6. No activity on your Fitbit account

You might not have any activities on your Fitbit account just yet. To check that the connection has worked, log an entry into your Fitbit account and check back in 24 hours.


7. Activity logged BEFORE the fundraising page was created

Once your Fitness App is connected to your Fundraising Page, only Fitness Activity logged AFTER the date the page was created will display. Any activity logged BEFORE the page was created will not display on the fundraising page. Any activity logged after the page was created can take up to 24hrs from the date and time logged to display on the fundraising page.


8. Fitbit app has revoked GoFundraise permissions to connect

Check the Applications area from within your Fitbit account. If you do not see GoFundraise listed here, you need to reconnect your account through GoFundraise.


To reconnect, go to your GoFundraise App Connect screen > click 'Disconnect this account or use another' for Fitbit > then click Connect to Fitbit following the prompts to reconnect.


Return to the Applications permissions area in Fitbit, you should see GoFundraise listed.

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