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How to Hide a field in an existing form (Admin Only fields)

Most fields in the form can be 'Hidden' from view by changing the Visibility Setting on that particular field to Admin Only. This will mean that the field will not appear on the live form, but can still be seen by Event Administrators when they are editing a form entry.

This is recommended if you need to hide a field from view, but your form has existing registration entries.

To change a field's Visibilty Setting, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Edit Form button from the Manage Form page (Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Registrations and Forms tab -> Select form from submenu)
  2. Hover over the field you want to change, and click Edit to open the field settings
  3. Click the Advanced Tab and scroll down to the Visibility section and select the Admin Only option.
  4. Click the Update form button to save your changes







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