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My PayPal account says I've setup an Automatic Payment to GoFundraise. Does this mean a regular giving payment has been set up?

Not necessarily.

When you choose PayPal to make a payment on GoFundraise, a user must agree to the standard PayPal Terms of Agreement. This includes the setup of an automatic payment which authorises the merchant (i.e. GoFundraise) to charge your PayPal account (see What is an automatic payment on PayPal?). This doesn't necessarily mean you have setup a recurring payment.

If you have setup a regular giving payment through GoFundraise, you will receive a separate confirmation email from GoFundraise with the details of the regular giving payment (for more information see How to setup and manage a regular giving donation).

If in doubt, please click here to submit a request to GoFundraise Customer Care to confirm that no regular giving has been set up, or login here to view your Regular Giving Summary within your GoFundraise account.


To cancel a PayPal Automatic Payment agreement see https://www.paypal.com/au/smarthelp/article/what-is-an-automatic-payment-and-how-do-i-update-it-faq2254


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