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I have received an email from PayPal about pre-approval for future payments. Does this mean a regular giving payment has been set up?

Not necessarily.

As part of the PayPal integration with GoFundraise, a user must agree to the standard PayPal Terms of Agreement, one of which is to pre-approve future payments. This covers a few scenarios, only one of which is Regular Giving:

  • You have pre-approved the payment to be taken from your PayPal account if you choose to complete the donation using PayPal
  • You have chosen to 'Save payment method' or 'Add a new Payment Method' to your vault
  • You have chosen to setup a Regular Giving donation

When using PayPal for the first time on the GoFundraise platform, you will receive a notification from PayPal saying

"...you set up a payment agreement with GoFundraise. Your future payments to GoFundraise will be processed automatically from your PayPal account."

All this means is should you choose to use PayPal in the future through your GoFundraise account, you have 'pre-approved' the use of this same PayPal account for quicker processing. This does not necessarily mean that a recurring payment has been setup. GoFundraise does not have access to view or use the payment details within your PayPal account.

If you have setup a GoFundraise regular giving payment, you will receive a separate confirmation email from GoFundraise with the details of the regular giving payment (for more information see How to setup and manage a regular giving donation).

If in doubt, please click here to submit a request to GoFundraise Customer Care to confirm that no regular giving has been set up, or login here to view your Regular Giving Summary within your GoFundraise account.

Cancel PayPal Payment Agreement

Should you feel uncomfortable with the agreement, please login to your PayPal account and cancel out the GoFundraise pre-approved payment (click the following link to see How to view, modify, or cancel my pre-approved payments in PayPal.

Your donation will remain unchanged by the cancellation of this pre-approved payment from within PayPal.


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