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How to Connect to your Fitbit?

Easily connect your Fitbit account to your GoFundraise account by following the instructions below

  1. Login to your GoFundraise Account (see How do I login to my GoFundraise account)
  2. Go to MyAccount -> App Connect
  3. Select the Connect to Fitbit button 
    If you do not have an existing Fitbit account, click the option to create one through the FitBit site
  4. Login to your Fitbit account when prompted, complete the App Authorisation, then click Allow to complete the process (see What do the Fitbit permissions mean?)
    NOTE: It is recommended to 'Allow All' for the make the most of this connection, but the minimum permission required is 'activity and exercise
  5. Your Fitbit account will now be connected to your GoFundraise account.
  6. Once you have connected your Fitbit account, you will need to setup your Fundraising page so that it is set to display fitness data (see How to show Fitness Data on your Fundraising Page)


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