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How do Donations reach a Charity? (Charity Payment process)

GoFundraise remits donations to charities on the platform fortnightly (commonly referred to as Charity Payments). The amount that is remitted to a charity at this time is made of the donations/transactions made to that Charity throughout the previous fortnight. These will normally be available in your Invoices and Payments area within 1-3 business days of the deposit reaching the nominated bank account. 

For each Charity Payment, there are three types of files that relate to the amount remitted into the charity's nominated bank account for that fortnight. These are:

To access the files related to a Charity Payment, click here to see how.

To change the nominated bank account for your charity, click here.

See related downloads section for example files.


What do each of these files mean?

Remittance Advice

Outlines the Gross Total, Merchant Fees and Merchant Transaction Fees and any amounts "Withheld" such as where there is a rebate etc. Generally most of this will be remitted back to you once reconciled (download example).


For Australian Charities - if you are registered for GST you can claim back the GST included in the Processing Fee, Merchant Fee and GoFundraise Service Fee (all amounts displayed on the remittance are GST inclusive where applicable).

For New Zealand Charities - if you are registered for NZ GST you can claim back the GST included in the GoFundraise Service Fee.  The service fee amount displayed on the remittance is GST inclusive. The processing fee and merchant fee charged by various credit card providers and payment gateways are NZ GST exempt. 

Payout Summary

Itemised breakdown of transactions paid out to the beneficiary for that fortnight (download example).


Breaks down the GoFundraise Service Fee including GST, general donation Invoices have already been paid from funds collected, however Event Creator and Annual Hosting fee invoices will be sent to you separately and require payment (download example).


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