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How to preview and test a custom form (add Entries paid offline)

Viewing a form in Preview Mode is useful to:

  • Test and view the form before going live
  • Submit entries to the form and by-pass payment (these entries will still appear in the Registration Export. Fundraising pages will also be created if selected). E.g. If a person pays in Cash, the event organiser can still add their details online.
  1. Navigate to Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Registrations and Forms Tab -> select the form to manage
  2. On the right hand side of the page, click the grey Preview button (next to the Save Form button)
  3. The Form Preview will open in a new tab (without the website template/design loaded)
  4. Complete the form fields, test out any conditional logic, or if you are entering offline data then enter the fields with that correct information.
  5. At the end of the form, you will see there is no Payment section to enter payment details.
  6. Once you complete the form entry, return to the 'Manage Form' section and you will see your 'test' entry in the Table of Entries. This data will show up when you export the data.

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