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FAQs on Vaulted Payments


How do I delete a payment method from my 'Vault'?

If you would like a payment method removed from your account, please contact GoFundraise support. Please note, if a payment method is associated with a Regular Giving payment, GoFundraise support will require further communication in order to process this removal.

Can you choose NOT to save your payment method?

Yes, by unchecking the “Store in my Vault” option the payment method will not be stored in your account. Please note: If you are setting up “Regular Giving”, “Store in my Vault” is required to be checked.

HOWEVER, if you have previously stored a payment method in your vault you will begin to use our vault flow. At present, our vault flow requires a payment method to be added to your vault before it can be processed.

Can you select a default vaulted payment method or does it just select the most recently used?

The vaulted payment method loads the most recently used payment method in your account. You can select a different payment method by selecting “Change Payment Method”.

How do I manage my vaulted payment methods? (e.g. change expiry date of a payment method that is not being used as part of regular giving donation)

At present you cannot delete or modify a stored payment method. If you have Regular Giving payments you may add an additional payment method, additionally, if you have received a new expiry date for your credit card, you may modify its expiry by selecting “Update Card Expiry”.

I've checked the 'Create Account' checkbox when making a donation. Will my payment method be stored?

No – Your newly created account will not be able to store your payment method. Once your account has been created, any subsequent payments will give you the option to store your card for future use provided you have logged in before making the payment.

Will vaulted payments be available on custom registration forms?

Yes, vaulted payments should be available in all payment areas of the GoFundraise platform.

If I add a payment method that has already been stored in the Vault, will the new details overwrite the old details or add a new entry?

At present you are able to add duplicate payment methods to your vault.

With these new features, will there still be a difference between the Mobile Version and Desktop version apart from the look?

Some mobile payment screens have had the ability to use vaulted payments for some time, however, it has previously been difficult to use them due to other functionality that was missing. The new features will bring the desktop version in line with the mobile version.

If I have more than one payment method in my PayPal account, will I be prompted to choose which method to use in GoFundraise?

Currently – no. The current implementation uses the default payment method within your PayPal account.

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