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I have just Duplicated an event. What should I do now?

Now that you have duplicated your event, here is a checklist of things to check and do before going live.

  1. Check all the Event Details and Settings (click to read how)
    • Update Event Name
    • Update Event Start Date so that it is current
    • Check and Update terms and conditions to ensure they are still relevant
    • Check that Event Icon is up to date
    • Ensure that the correct Primary Beneficiary is selected
  2. Check all Page Content and Menu Labels
  3. Check all Fundraising and Donations settings for this event
    • Update the default Fundraising page settings
    • Update the Fundraising activation email
    • Update Dollar Handles if using Event Defined amounts
  4. If you have also duplicated a Custom Registration Form
    • Update the Confirmation Email settings (Manage Emails section)
    • Update Form Settings Field in the form:
      - Form Name
      - Schedule or Unschedule form (see how)
      - Check Confirmation page settings (see how)
    • Test the form out in Preview Mode to ensure all Prices/fields/descriptions etc are up to date
  5. TEST, TEST, TEST!!!
    • Test all links on live site
    • Put through a live registration
    • Create a fundraising page
    • Donate to a page
    • Ensure that you as the Event Organiser understand how your event site works so that you can help your registrants navigate with ease.


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