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How to change the General Details of an Event (e.g. Event Name, Event Date etc)

All the general details of the event can be changed within the Event Details and Settings section of Event Creator (e.g. Event Name & URL, Event Date, Main Contact, Event Location)

  1. Go to Event Details and Settings (click here to see how)
  2. Under the section Event Details, select the detail you wish to change from the submenu.
  3. Make changes as needed and click Save Changes at the top of the page to apply them.
    Careful: Don’t forget to Save changes before moving on to a different page/setting

Event Name & URL

The Event Name is the name that will represent your event throughout the GoFundraise platform, so best to make it easy to search for and recognise. E.g. putting the year in the title makes the event easy to differentiate from other events within your console.

The Event URL is the website address for this particular event, and needs to be unique on the platform. If a particular URL has already been used, you will be prompted to choose another. Alternatively, change the Event URL on the older event first to release the desired URL.

Event Date

The event date is what makes the Event searchable on the GoFundraise Event Search. Your event will be searchable up to 3 months after the Event Start Date selected.

Event Contact

Enter the main event organiser contact information here so that anyone who edits the event knows who to contact if there are any issues with the event.

Event Location

Input the location of your event and capture a Google Map preview of the address.

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