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How to Insert a YouTube Video (and other media)

Obtain the embed code from the video

  1. Load up the video you wish to embed
  2. Click Share -> Embed
  3. Copy all the code provided

Embed the video into a page

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Edit Content (see Pages and Content section)
  2. Locate the page within the table that you wish to edit. Click Edit to open the Page Editor
  3. You will now be redirected to the Page Editor.
  4. First click within the content area where you would like to Embed the video
  5. From the Editing toolbar, select the Embed Media () icon
  6. Paste all the code copied in step 3 into the pop up box.
  7. Click OK to insert the video into the content
  8. Save the changes on the page
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