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Index of new Menu Icons (Event Creator Plus)

Edit Content

Manage event Pages and content. Manage Menu

Fundraising & Donations

Manage event Fundraising page settings. View Beneficiaries for the event

Event Details & Settings

Manage event information (e.g. Date, Name etc). Manage event donation settings

Registration & Forms

Manage and create registration forms. Registration export. View/edit registrant entries.


New Basic Menu Icons


Main Menu

Click to collapse/expand the main side menu to gain access to Dashboard, Profile, Real-time reporting, Regular giving, Invoices and Payments, Manage Users, and Help and Support.


List of events that the logged-in user has been given access to manage. User can create, edit, manage, deactivate/activate, duplicate events etc through this section.


Manage the charity profile information. Includes charity cause page content/layout, communication preferences, Donor Pay settings.

Invoices & Payments

Access charity payment files uploaded roughly every 2 weeks – Payment Summary, Remittance, Invoice files.

Real-Time Reporting (Reporting module)

Access and generate real time reports e.g. Fundraiser reports, Transaction/Donor reports.

Regular Giving (Reporting module)

Access details or past and future regular giving donations that are part of a scheduled donation.

Manage Users (Partner charities only)

Search and view current fundraiser information including Fundraising page for a particular user, as well as add offline donations.

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