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How do I share my Giving Season Appeal page onto Facebook?

The easiest way to share your Giving Season Appeal page (or a fundraising page belonging to someone else) onto Facebook is to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the fundraising page that you would like to share
  2. Under the Fundometer, there is a section 'Share to help raise more' with various social media/sharing icons.
  3. To share your page on Facebook, click the Facebook Icon.
  4. Login to your Facebook Account when prompted
  5. Change the settings of your post if needed, don't forget to tag @GoFundraise to be in the running to win an extra $250 donation for your charity. For example "This Christmas we're fundraising for the Australian Red Cross using @GoFundraise"
  6. Click Share Link
  7. Your page has now been shared onto your Facebook wall


Alternatively, copy the page URL of your fundraising page, then paste this URL directly onto your Facebook page. For more information on how to post a link onto Facebook, please view the guide on Facebook here (https://www.facebook.com/help/192946630752330).

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