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How will changing our charity ABN effect our GoFundraise account and fundraising activity?

  • The change of ABN can take upto 2-4 business days to complete.
  • For auditing and tracking purposes, when an ABN is updated, a new GoFundraise Beneficiary account is setup and assigned a new Beneficiary ID. The old account (and Beneficiary ID) will be deactivated.
  • Any current active regular giving donations scheduled for the old Beneficiary ID will be deactivated
  • Any fundraising page under the old Beneficiary ID which has expired over 6 months ago will be closed.
  • Any remaining Active Fundraising Pages will be transferred to the new BID unless otherwise requested.
  • Any multi charity events, or events linked to the old Beneficiary ID, will be linked to the new Beneficiary ID.
  • Any past donations made prior to the ABN change will remain attributed to the old ABN. Only donations made after the ABN change (within the current charity payment period) will be attributed to the new ABN/Beneficiary account
  • Any existing Admin Logins will have access to both old and new beneficiary account data/reports, unless otherwise requested
  • New Charity account will be given a new cause page, and the old one will no longer exist. If the same URL is to be used, please notify GoFundraise. Otherwise a new URL will be designated. The responsibility of updating links on third party sites going to the old charity cause page will be the Charity's.

To notify GoFundraise of a change to your ABN, please click here to download the Change of ABN request form



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