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What is an Event ID and where do I find it?

Every Event on the GoFundraise platform has it's own unique Event ID - a 4 digit number generated at time of event creation. When you duplicate an event, the new event will have a new Event ID assigned to it.

The Event ID is used throughout our system as a means to differentiate one event from another. It's also how our system knows that certain Fundraising pages, and Donations have come through a particular event. Whenever a Fundraising page or Donation is made through a particular event, our system tags it with the same Event ID.

To find your event ID,

  1. Go to your Dashboard, then click Edit for the relevant event
  2. The 4 digit Event ID is visible within the URL of page you are on now. You might need to click the address bar of your browser to expand the link.
  3. In the example below, the Event ID is 3676:




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