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My payment has come up as a Failed/ Pending transaction. Why has this happened?

Failed Transactions

Failed transactions are a part of life when accepting credit cards online, with insufficient funds and expired cards being two obvious examples of what can go wrong. However, sometimes the reason for a failure is not clear and may be hard to track. Below are a few more common reasons that a transaction has failed:

  • Slow internet/ intermittent connection
  • Incorrect Account Details entered (cc# and security code)
  • Credit limit has maxed out
  • Insufficient funds
  • Card expiry date has lapsed
  • Incorrect card expiry date
  • Payment gateway provider issues
  • System issues (website is down, bank system is down etc)

If you suspect that your transaction has failed, please contact our support team and send through the details of the payment (your email address, date, amount etc), and we will confirm on our system.

Pending Transactions

Pending transactions are extremely rare. Ordinarily any payments which do not immediately return as Successful are classed as Failed transactions on the GoFundraise system.

If the transaction appears as Pending on your bank account, and you have not received a receipt indicating that the payment has been successful, it will most likely come through as a Failed transaction to match the GoFundraise system. Very rarely will a Pending transaction come through as a Success later down the track.

The Pending status isn't something our system causes, rather it's something the banks do for some reason or another (e.g. manual check of payment, system failure etc).

If ever in doubt, please contact our support team, we'd be glad to help you out.

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