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How do I schedule a form?

Events with registrations often have the need to close/open on a particular date/time. All GoFundraise forms have an inbuilt feature that enables you to Schedule a form.

  1. Starting on the Event Dashboard (), locate the event you wish to edit and click Edit Event (see Edit an existing Event)
  2. From the side bar hover over the Registration and Forms Tab. Select the form you wish to edit.
  3. On the right hand side of this page, in the Form Settings section select Edit

  4. You are now within the Form Builder, from where you can make changes to the existing form.
  5. Hover over the Form Settings field (the first field in the form), and click Edit to open the field properties
  6. Select the Advanced tab, and check the Schedule Form box. This will open up the settings available to Schedule the form
    - Select the Start and End dates from the date pickers
    - Add the message you want to appear if someone visits the form while it is closed

    NOTE: To leave a form open indefinitely, leave the 'Schedule Form' check box unchecked
  7. Click the green Update Form button on the right hand side of the 'Form Builder' page, to save changes


Your form has now been scheduled. Once the form expires, on any page that this form has been embedded, the Expired Message form will appear.

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