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Can a Charity or Event Organiser add an offline donation to a fundraising page?

Offline donations are those which are made directly to the charity rather than online via the GoFundraise online payment methods. No receipts will be issued by GoFundraise for these amounts.

There are two ways a charity can add offline donations to a page/event site:


Through the Manage Users Module

A charity must have access to the Manage Users Module to add offline donations to fundraising pages. Please see the attached guide on How to Add an Offline Donation (Manage Users Module) for instructions.

The Manage Users Module can be included with some GoFundraise licence options (see Pricing and Features) or purchased as an additional module. See Standard Features).

With this module the charity can add as many offline donations as they like to any fundraising page without delay.



Lodge a Customer Care request

For charities that have a small number of offline donations to add throughout a campaign, and that do not have access to the Manage Users Module, please email support@gofundraise.com the details of the offline donation request with the following information:

  • Donor First Name (If applicable. Default = "Offline")
  • Donor Last Name (If applicable. Default = "Donation")
  • Organisation Name (If applicable. Default = blank)
  • Anonymous (If applicable. Default = Public)
  • Page URL
  • Amount
  • Donation Message (If applicable)

If there are several offline donation requests that need to be made, please complete the GF_Offline_Donations_Request_Template.xlsx sheet in the Related Downloads section, and email it through to support@gofundraise.com.

Addition of offline amounts through GoFundraise Customer Care may take up to 1-2 business days.




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