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Event Organisers & Corporate Reporting

As an event organiser or corporate there are certain limitations to availability of Reports & Data that you may be able to access.


Registration Reporting

As an event organiser depending on your level of access to the platform will have access to the registration reporting.

  • Restricted (in some cases will have access to reporting)
  • Event Creator Plus ( full access to registration reporting)

To obtain a list of who has registered for an event you will need to do the following once logged into your gofundraise account:

Step 1: Click on your Admin tab.

Step 2: Click edit on the event that you want to obtain the registration information on.

Step 3: Click on the menu option "Forms".

Step 4: within the form section will be a list of entries, Within the first row, last column there is a green Excel icon to which you will have to click.

Step 5: A yellow box will appear to let you know that your form is processing.

Step 6: Once completed you notice that the screen will turn green and provide you a download link to obtain your report.

You may refresh the page at any time to see if the form has finished processing.

You will also received an email to the email account you are logged into with a link to the file as well.


Real-time Reporting

Within your real-time reporting you will have access to the following:

  • Fundraiser reports (full access to this information)
  • Event Organizer Report (this is a list of the donors and the amounts)

To download a Real-time Report you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Click the following link when logged into your Go Fundraise account,

Step 2: Click Schedule on The Donor / transaction Report

  • Within this section you will need to configure the report as follows,
  • Beneficiary: (insert name here)
  • Event: (insert event name )
  • Transaction date:
  1.  Is after or equal to :  the beginning of the period that you need the data from
  2.  Is before or equal to :  the end date of the period you need it to

Step 3: Click schedule the report .

Then select view this report form the bottom of the page that you are automatically re-directed to and refresh the page within a minute or so and then click download this report.


Data Entitlements

Due to recent legislation  only charity's will be privileged to see their donors data,

As an Event Organiser you are entitles to the following:

  • Fundraising Page Identifier
  • Tag
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Amount
  • Receive Newsletter
  • Event Name
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Page Owner First Name
  • Page Owner Last Name
  • Is Financial
  • Page Title
  • Page URL
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