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What is the option to pay more when I make a donation?

We call this feature Donor Pay.

When donating you will have the option to "Help cover the costs" of the transaction. All online donations incur fees such as; credit card, banking, and platform charges. By ticking this box, you are ensuring that more of your donation reaches your chosen charity (read more on GoFundraise fees).

Donor Pay is a feature available to all charities on our platform. The ultimate decision of whether to use this feature is up to each individual Charity. GoFundraise does not enforce Donor Pay as a compulsory feature. The percentage that Donor Pay calculates is set by the Charity, and can be changed through their charity profile settings.

If you do not wish to use this functionality then deselect the option and, and the donation amount will reflect your entered amount.

Please note that this option is not available for all events on the platform, this is at the discretion of you charity of choice.

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