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How do we change our ABN / Business Name, and/or DGR Status?

These details will need to be changed by GoFundraise as we will need to notify the relevant States of the changes to our agreement.

Change of ABN / Business name
Please complete and sign the attached ABN Acknowledgement letter and send it through to GoFundraise Customer Care. We will then be able to update your details.

For more information on the Change of ABN process, see 'How will changing our charity ABN effect our GoFundraise account and fundraising activity?'.

Please note, the Charity name displayed on the website must include the Entity name associated with the ABN. This in turn must match the Charity name on the relevant State charity registers. If you wish to change the Entity Name of your ABN, please visit the ABR website for more information

Change of DGR Status
If you have just gained DGR status please email through the notice of DGR Endorsement to GoFundraise Customer Care, and we will then be able to update your details. Please note the DGR must be registered using the same ABN used for the charity on the GoFundraise platform.

If you are ONLY changing DGR Status and not the ABN, you only need to email through the DGR Endorsement Notice and will not need to fill out the ABN Acknowledgement form.

If you are unsure whether your details are up to date, please complete and email through the ABN Acknowledgement Letter and we will check your details for you.

Once you have the required documents, please email them through to GoFundraise Customer Care:

PLEASE NOTE: Need to change your charity Bank Account details as well? Click here to find out how.


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