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Can I create multiple fundraising pages in one account?

Creating a Fundraising Page

Discover how your fundraisers will create a fundraising page and the process that they will follow

This tutorial covers:

Steps that your fundraisers need to take to get started
How to email your fundraising page to your supporters
Personalising your fundraising page
Where can I create my Fundraising Page?
There are numerous ways to create your fundraising Page
  • You can create a Fundraising page through a dedicated Cause Page. Just select your charity of choice and start customising your page.
  • Similarly with large events, such as Blackmores Running Festival, you can select Start Fundraising.
  • How do I get my page up and running?
  • Sign in / Log in through the platform or through Facebook
  • Select an occasion “In Memory”, “Personal Challenge”, “In Celebration”, “Making a Difference”, or “Special Occasion.”
  • Choose between an individual or team page.
  • Create a title for your unique fundraising experience and choose a URL that will help your friends and family navigate to your Fundraising Page.
  • Set a Fundraising Target. You can choose to display donations and also publish them onto your Facebook wall.
  • Customize the image you want to put with your page and create a unique message and thank you blurb.
  • Finally agree to the terms and conditions and click “Create Fundraising Page”.

You will be sent an email by the GoFundraise team that will load you with handy hints and links to our helpdesk
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