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Introduction to Basic Reporting

Requires access to the Real-Time Reporting Module

GoFundraise has Real-time reporting so that you can access real-time donor and fundraiser data whenever you need it. The Basic Reporting module allows you to generate a standard Transaction report, and Fundraiser report. For Custom Report Templates see How to Create a Custom Report (customisation is only available with those who have access to the Advanced Reporting Module).

This tutorial covers:

  • How to Schedule a Report
  • Types of Reports available (Donor/Transaction, Fundraiser)

How to Schedule a Report

  1. Log in to your GoFundraise account and click on Admin
  2. From the left hand main sidebar click on Real-Time Reporting ()
  3. Under My Report Templates select Schedule next to ‘Donor/Transaction’ or ‘Fundraiser
  4. Complete the following fields to schedule the desired report:
    Report Type – This field should already be populated with the report selected in step 3.
    Report Name – Enter a name for the report you are creating
    Beneficiary – Select the Beneficiary that you wish to appear on the report. You can select one Beneficiary or All.
    Event/Campaign – Select a single event or all
    Transaction Date – Enter a date or date range for this report to pull data from
    File Format – Select the file format that you would like to download 
    Display Header – Here you are able to download a report with or without column headings
    Delivery Notification – Elect to be notified by an email when a report is   generated
    Delivery Method – This automatically defaults to Download and is the only option for report delivery
  5. Click Schedule to generate the report
  6. Once you click Schedule you will be re-directed to the ‘Real-Time Reporting’ page. The scheduled report will appear under ‘Scheduled Reports’. Click on View next to the name of the report you wish to view Note: All scheduled reports will remain in your GoFundraise account for 30 days before being deleted. 
    Note: Reports can take up to 5 minutes to process. Keep refreshing the Real-Time Reporting page until the report appears in the Scheduled Reports menu
  7. Check the details of the report are correct and click the Download button at the bottom of the page to download the report to your desktop
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