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How do I get the Dollar Matching Letter?

Some companies/employers will offer to dollar match your fundraising efforts to boost your raised so far total. If your company/employer is offering this, simply download the Dollar Matching Letter from your GoFundraise account and send it to your employer. This will include the amount you have raised so far, along with instructions on how the company can add their amount to your page. To download your Dollar Matching Letter,

  1. Log into your GoFundraise account (See How do I login to my GoFundraise account?).
  2. Under ‘My Account’, select ‘My Fundraising’.

  3. Under ‘My Fundraising’ you will see your active fundraising pages. For the relevant fundraising page, select 'Dollar Matching Letter'
  4. Save the letter to your computer when prompted. Then either print it out or email it to the relevant person in your company

If your employer has chosen to donate the amount online by credit card/PayPal, then the amount will appear on your page straight away.

If your employer has chosen to send through a cheque, then the amount will appear on your page within 3-5 business days once GoFundraise receives the cheque.

Example of a Dollar Matching Letter:

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