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How do I get the letter of authority and badge?

Your letter of Authority to Fundraise and Badge will be available for download within 48 hours since creating your fundraising page. This gives a chance for the charity you have nominated to approve of your fundraising page. Any fundraising page deemed inappropriate by the charity will be deactivated.

  1. Log into your GoFundraise account (See How do I login to my GoFundraise account?).
  2. Under ‘My Account’, select ‘My Fundraising’.

  3. Under ‘My Fundraising’ you will see your active fundraising pages. For the relevant fundraising page, select 'Authority to Fundraise and Badge'
  4. You will then see a preview of the relevant documents. To print these documents, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then select either Print authority to fundraise letter, or Print Badge.

Please note, an Authority to Fundraise certificate and badge are valid for 12 months from the date the page was created. To change the Expiry date of the Authority to fundraise, simply change the expiry date of your fundraising page (see How do I change the details of my Fundraising page) and download the documents again.

Example of Authority to Fundraise

Example of Badge

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