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How do I change the blurb on my fundraising page?

You can edit the blurb on your fundraising page if you want to update your supporters, or simply want to change your message.

  1. Log into your GoFundraise account. (See How do I login to my GoFundraise Account?)
  2. Under ‘My Account’, select ‘My Fundraising’.


  3. Click ‘Manage Page’ under the active page you would like to update.


  4. Under ‘Fundraising Description’, you are able to make necessary changes.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click either ‘Save and View Page’ (if you have finished editing) or simply ‘Save’ (if you want to continue editing your fundraising page)
  6. The description of your fundraising page is now updated.


NOTE: Do not copy and paste content from another website directly to the editing section of your fundraising page as it will corrupt or cause errors on your page. Make sure that you copy - paste it to notepad or MS word first before putting the content on your page.

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