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What is included in the basic Campaign Monitor Package?


This article covers the basic journeys and segments setup as part of the GoFundraise Campaign Monitor package. These are ready to use within each event organisers account.

In this section we outline:



 The chart below outlines the flow of these journeys and email series within each.



Journey 1: Welcome Series

Set of three emails sent to anyone who creates a fundraising page to provide basic fundraising tips


Journey 2: Met Goal Series

Set of three emails sent to any fundraisers who has met their Fundraising Page Target to thank and encourage continued fundraising efforts


Journey 3: Engagement Series

Sent in the lead up to the event based on either Event Date and/or triggered by Fundraising Activity (e.g. inactive, active, met goal - see Segments section below) to continuously engage fundraisers - e.g. "1 week to go!"




Email series are generally targeted to certain segments of fundraisers. Three main segments are setup with the package:

  • Inactive = someone who has raised $0
  • Active = someone who has raised something but hasn't hit their goal
  • Met Goal = someone who has hit their goal


Other useful journeys

Event Organisers can also add their own journeys and triggers. Common journeys include:

  • an email series congratulating a fundraiser when they've hit a fundraising milestone (or trying to encourage them to hit the next milestone)
  • Separate journeys for team leaders to encourage them to rally their team to fundraise
  • a specific journey to those who have raised $0 after a certain time period

Example timeline for Engagement Series

Below is an example of the timeline of an engagement series that spans from 3 months prior to the event to a year after.


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