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How do I reschedule my Regular Giving payment?

To reschedule your Regular Giving payment, you will be Suspending the payment first, then choosing to Resume at a given date.

First click on the link below and login to your GoFundraise Account Regular Giving summary section. The Username will be your email, and if you do not know your password, click 'Forgotten Password' and follow the prompts to reset it.


  1. Once logged in, click to 'Suspend' your Scheduled Payment.
  2. Add a reason (e.g. "Rescheduling to resume on..."), save your changes, and once returned to the main 'Regular Giving Summary' page, now choose to 'Resume' your Scheduled Payment.
  3. Enter the date that you would like to restart the payment and Save your changes.

Your scheduled payment will now be updated and ready to resume on the chosen date.

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