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Our School has just registered, how do we start fundraising?

As a school registered with GoFundraise, you have a number of ways to fundraise online,


Through the Australian Fundraising initiative (myprofilepage.com.au website)

If you are looking to participate in the Australian Fundraising initiative where each fundraiser/student can choose a prize if they reach their goal, then you will need to direct your supporters to create page through the My Profile Page website http://myprofilepage.com.au/. The parent creates an account and can then create profile pages for their kids under the one account. These pages created are connected with the GoFundraise platform so donating through either platform will sync up. Further questions about My Profile Page or Australian Fundraising should be directed to Australian Fundraising (https://australianfundraising.com.au/contact-us).


Direct through the GoFundraise Free Fundraising Portal

The Free Fundraising Portal page on the GoFundraise site for your school is an easy portal from where supporters can choose to create a Fundraising page or Donate directly to the school (at a low service rate of 0.49%). Fundraisers can choose to create a fundraising page for a specific event (e.g. the Color Run) or they can select from some general causes (e.g. My Birthday, Making a Difference). Search for your school fundraising portal on the link below:



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