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Our School has just registered, how do we start fundraising?

Once your school's online fundraising account has been setup, your supporters can start fundraising straight away. You don't need to create a new site/event to get started.

Australian Fundraising

If you have signed up your school/organisation as part of Australian Fundraising, your supporters can be directed to the relevant site to create their profiles/fundraising pages. Through the registration process your school should show as available for online fundraising. Please follow additional instructions/guidance provided by Australian Fundraising as part of the package purchased.

  • My Profile Page - online fundraising where fundraiser choose a prize if they reach their fundraising target
  • Plant a Difference - online fundraising where funds raised goes towards planting trees

NOTE: You don't need to create separate event campaign on GoFundraise if you have registered as part of Australian Fundraising


Not sure which option applies to you?

Contact Australian Fundraising for more information.



Direct through the GoFundraise Free Fundraising Portal

The Free Fundraising Portal page on the GoFundraise site for your school is an easy portal from where supporters can choose to create a Fundraising page or Donate directly to the school (at a low service rate of 0.49%). Fundraisers can choose to create a fundraising page for a specific event (e.g. the Color Run) or they can select from some general causes (e.g. My Birthday, Making a Difference). Search for your school fundraising portal on the link below:



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