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How can I setup a Ticketed Event on a Basic Licence or without the Forms Module?

On a Basic Licence, the Ticketed Event Vision template does not come with a Pre-built form. Forms can only be created using the Forms Module. This article offers suggestions on how you can use standard Donations as 'Tickets' through your Vision event on a Basic Licence.


OPTION 1: Update the dollar handles for the event. You can then add e.g. $50 as one of the dollar amounts available and add a description e.g. 1 Ticket. HOWEVER, if you are also using the event for Fundraising, then these updated dollar handles will also appear when a person goes to donate to a fundraising page.

OPTION 2: If you only want to use the site for Tickets, then removing the Donate and Fundraising buttons will allow just one page that the donors can go through to 'purchase' their tickets. If you still wish to have the option to Donate (no fundraising), then a Buy Tickets button could go to the Donate to Event link ( https://eventname.gofundraise.com.au/payments/donate/beneficiary/dddd) and the 'Donate' link could just go to your main GoFundraise Donation Portal (e.g. https://www.gofundraise.com.au/payments/donate/beneficiary/dddd). HOWEVER this means that if you have a 'raised so far' widget on your event site, it will only show the funds raised from the Tickets.

OPTION 3: Leave the dollar handles as they are but just clearly state on the Home Page how to purchase tickets e.g. "Click 'Buy Tickets' and enter the correct amount for the tickets you would like to purchase. Also add "Ticket Purchase" to the Donation Message area".

The first two options are very similar in that they involve changing the Dollar Handles available for the Event Site, however the option you choose will depend on whether you are encouraging Fundraising for this event, whether you want to display a Raised so Far widget, or whether you think just straight donors will be confused if they go to donate to someone and the dollar amounts have the description e.g. $50 1 ticket. The third option is pretty straight forward, but just depends if you believe someone people might get confused over the instructions.

If you'd like to discuss these options further, feel free to contact Customer Care by submitting a request here https://support.gofundraise.com/hc/en-us/requests/new



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