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How to sign the Service Agreement through Adobe EchoSign

Once your registration has been checked, GoFundraise emails through an electronic service agreement for you to sign online. At the end, you are able to download a copy of the service agreement in PDF format.


1. Email sent to the listed Primary Contact. Click the link where it says 'Click here to review and sign...' OR choose to delegate to someone else through the second 'Click here' link in the email. This will allow you enter that person's email address and the document will be sent through to them directly.

2. Adobe opens in your browser. Top right indicates the fields remaining that require your attention. Click the Start tab


3. You will be taken to each section that requires your attention. Click to attend to the the sections indicated, and then click Next to move to the next field

4. For each Signature field, follow the prompts to enter your signature electronically. Either type, draw, or upload your signature, then click Apply.

5. The sections that you will fill out will be:

- Signature
- Date
- Signature
- State Act (e.g. if you are an NSW charity then select NSW)
- Signature
- Select BSRF participation
- Signature


6. Check in the top right corner that all sections have been completed. Then click the 'Click to Sign' button that should appear at the bottom of the page. If there are still sections that require your attention, this button will not show up.


7. After selecting the 'Click to Sign' button, you will be directed to a page where you can now Download a copy of the signed agreement that has been successfully sent back to GoFundraise. This will be in PDF format. Our GoFundraise Onboarding team will then take it from here. Please allow for 1-2 business days for your charity setup to be completed.










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