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How do I change the default Donation Amounts available to Donors?


Changing the Dollar Handles available to people donating to your charity or cause can be done through the Charity Profile section of your GoFundraise Admin Account.


  1. Login to you GoFundraise Admin Account
  2. Select Profile from the left side main menu bar
  3. Select the Donor Settings tab
  4. Update the Value (donation amount), Description, and Image of any existing dollar handles. 

    NOTE: Images should be a minimum of 140px by 140px and should all be the same size for the best effect. Leave the Image field blank if you do not want to include an image
  5. Or click Add Option to add a new dollar handle.
  6. Click Update to save your changes
  7. Dollar handles will now be updated for direct donations to the cause page and fundraising pages


NOTE: Dollar Handles can also be customised per Event. If you want to change the dollar handles available through a specific event, see How To Change The Dollar Amount Options Available For An Event 

Learn more about Donor Pay here: https://support.gofundraise.com/hc/en-us/articles/202473634-Donor-Pay-Option-to-pay-extra-to-help-cover-the-cost-of-fees 




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