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How to update your Fundraising Portal logo, message and colours

Access and update your Cause Page quickly and easily using your GoFundraise account. Use the admin panel to amend features including your logo, Cause Page message and Cause Page layout.

This article covers:
  • Updating the logo on your Cause Page
  • Updating the message on your Cause Page
  • Updating the layout of your cause page, including background colour and social media plugins
To update your logo and Cause Page message

Video 6 - Overview and communication from GoFundraise on Vimeo.

  1. Log in to your GoFundraise account using the Login icon in the top right hand corner of the GoFundraise homepage. Log in with your username and password or login with Facebook Connect
  2. Select Admin at the top right of the screen
  3. Click on Profile on the left menu ()
  4. Once the Cause has been selected you will be presented with 5 tabs: Overview, Communication, Styling, Cause Page Settings and Donor Pay
  5. Use the Overview tab to update the logo or message that appears on the Cause Page. Click Upload File in the logo field to change the logo. Simply type into the WYSIWYG (What You See is What Your Get) box to change your message
    Note : whenever copying and pasting text into a WYSIWYG editor save the text to be copied across into a text document or program such as Notepad. Do not copy and paste directly from a word document as this can corrupt the formatting.
  6. Click Update in the bottom right hand corner of your page to save your changes. These changes will update immediately to your Cause Page
To change the styling & layout of your Cause Page

Video 7 - Fundraising Portal Styling from GoFundraise on Vimeo.

  • Login to your GoFundraise account and navigate to the Styling tab (using steps 1-4 above)
  • Use the Settings or Advanced Settings sections to customise the cause page to your preferred colour scheme. You can enter a specific colour hex code per brand guidelines if required.
  • Navigate to the Cause Page Settings tab and link up your social media accounts. Simply type in the end of the web address into the relevant field.
  • Click Update in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to save all changes. All changes will be updated immediately
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