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What is the PayPal Give Cheer Remittance for?

Back in November 2016, PayPal reached out to GoFundraise with an offer to match 10% of donations made on the platform using PayPal as part of Giving Tuesday. An email was sent out to notify users on our platform about the offer, more details on the following link:


Rather than having to match each donation as they came through, PayPal agreed to pay the 10% in a lump sum for GoFundraise to distribute accordingly to the different charities based on donations made between 12:01AM on 29 November 2016  through to 11:59PM on 8 December 2016 using PayPal.

Since the remittance is a lump sum, there is no separate payment summary.

However, generating a Transaction Donor report for the date range above, and filtering by "Merchant Name" for PayPal donations, will give you the Gross PayPal amount listed on the remittance file.

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